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Based in Barcelona, we are a fashion focused venture, spirited by minimalist style and quality design.  Our aim is to create watches and fashion accessories not only to integrate with current styles but to also inspire new ones.  


Reputation is incredibly important to us. Our aim is to not only offer fashionable watches and accessories but products that wear well and last.  

Because of this we have invested in Quality. This means that all of our watches not only have a stainless steel back but also a stainless steel case. There is no alloy in the casing which means they will not begin to bubble/rust and lose colour.

We only use IP Plating on all  of our watches and accessories. This is the method used to add colour to the steel, the method integrates the colour into the top layer of the steel and doesn't just coat it on to the surface meaning that gold stays gold and doesn't flake or fade.

Chosen for its reliability and Durability, we use Japanese Miyota movement in all of our watches and we guarantee this movement for 2 years.


It's really important to us at Hurtig Lane that no animal products are used in any of our watches, jewellery or accessories.

Unlike most Fashion brands, we don't offer a small alternative for vegans, everything we offer is vegan friendly. That means any straps on our watches that look leather will be made of synthetic leather.

​Fashion and style never need to be compromised in order to protect the rights of animals and our aim is to prove that.

You will also notice when browsing our lookbooks on Instagram and Pinterest that we only use vegan friendly products in our pictures. This means, jackets, Bags, covers, cases etc, if it looks leather, we can assure you it will be synthetic.  Even cosmetics pictured or worn will be checked for animal testing before being used in our Fashion ideas photos. 

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