Help us Gift Kind this November!

This year, as usual, our focus is on giving back to communities in need, with our festive Gift Kind November! 

Will you be offering Black Friday discounts? 

With growing concerns over mass consumerism there is a lot of negative press regarding the hugely popular Black Friday sales which now typically stretch over a week. The environmental impact of these purchases are huge, with over 80% of items bought ending up in landfill. 

As a vegan brand our mission is always to create products which are free from all animal cruelty and that aim to do as little damage to the planet as possible. We know that our customers share these values and that is why, especially after such a hard few years economically, we feel it is more important now than ever to offer a discount so that our collections are more affordable for all. We trust that our customers will care for, love and use our products for years to come. 

Our products are designed with high quality and sustainable materials. Care, love and passion goes into the making of all of our products and we want to thank our loyal customers by offering a discount, during what is already a very expensive time of year for many. 

What are you doing as a brand to be more sustainable? 

Our vegan leather watch straps are made from cotton fibres and recycled water bottles. Our straps are strong, durable and truly ethical. We have also just launched our cactus leather watches. Cactus leather is durable, long-lasting and uses far less water, energy and carbon than animal and PU leather alternatives. Our straps are not only beautiful but they are built to last!

You won't find plastic in any of our packagings and all of our products are presented in beautiful pouches or boxes so that they can be safely stored for years. We know that we can always do more, sustainability is something that we are always reviewing and striving to improve. 

What is Gift Kind November? 

Throughout the year we are always giving back to charities and initiatives which support the most vulnerable and in need. We focus on projects that support animals and humans alike. During November we also support a large Christmas gift campaign, providing gifts to families in need. Sadly this year the number of local families in need, has doubled. Whilst we are proud to be able to help with this fantastic charity, we are also deeply saddened by the ever growing number of families struggling. Rising fuel costs, food, energy bills and inflation means that more people are in need now, than ever. We cannot thank you enough for helping us to support and give back. You can read more about our giving back projects here

Will Hurtig Lane be increasing their prices in 2023? 

As a small brand, we have seen our costs soar over the last 6 months. Rises to fuel prices have caused our shipping costs to increase. Along with the huge increases to our base materials, in particular stainless steel, which is used to make all of our watch cases. During times like these often large businesses are keen to quickly increase all of their prices in order to not see any loss of profit. The cost of living crisis is impacting all of our lives and we believe that as a business we should absorb as much of these increases as possible. We have always been passionate about creating products that are not only cruelty-free but as affordable as possible. For this reason we have not increased our prices for over 2 years and we have no plans to increase our prices in 2023.