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Vegan watch straps! Elevate Your Style with Sustainable and Animal-Friendly Watch Straps: Versatile, Ethical, and Built to Last

Experience the perfect blend of durability and eco-conscious design with our animal-friendly and sustainable watch straps. Compatible with both your favorite brand watches and our classic Hurtig Lane models, these cruelty-free bands are available in a variety of sizes to suit your unique style. Choose ethical and long-lasting luxury with our beautifully crafted watch bands.

Embrace Compassionate Luxury with Hurtig Lane: Cruelty-Free, Ethical, and Stylishly Sustainable Fashion

At Hurtig Lane, our passion for animal welfare means we create fashionable, cruelty-free, and ethically-designed products for you to enjoy. Founded in the vibrant city of Barcelona, our emphasis on sustainability pairs effortlessly with our minimalist aesthetic and exceptional craftsmanship.

Explore our extensive collection of watch bands crafted from high-quality, cruelty-free materials such as vegan leather, suede, tweed, rubber, nylon, and mesh. Our innovative quick-release pins allow for effortless watch strap changes without the need for a tool, providing you with endless style possibilities. Choose Hurtig Lane, where compassionate fashion and quality design unite.

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Elevate Your Watch Style with Vegan Leather Straps: Sustainable and Compatible with Leading Watch Brands

Introducing our versatile collection of eco-friendly vegan leather watch bands, designed to cater to the style and sustainability preferences of conscious shoppers. These elegant watch straps are compatible with a wide array of popular watch brands such as Citizen, Bulova, Second, Casio, Radley, Seiko, Seksy, Daniel Wellington, and Sekonda.

Our watch bands seamlessly fit timepiece lug widths of 10mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, or 22mm, ensuring an exact match for your treasured timepiece. To guarantee that you select the accurate strap size, we have provided a comprehensive guide to measuring your watch's lug width, making it as simple as possible to find the perfect vegan leather band for your watch. Read this here.

Quality and Comfort:
We take pride in crafting our vegan leather straps from high-quality, ethically sourced materials that offer the luxurious feel and longevity of traditional leather while aligning with cruelty-free and eco-conscious values. The soft and supple texture of our watch bands provides superior comfort alongside durability, allowing you to wear your treasured timepiece with pride.

Easy Adjustments:
Featuring quick-release pins, our watch bands allow for effortless, tool-free adjustments in just a matter of seconds. This user-friendly design ensures a seamless experience for updating your watch style or swapping out bands when the mood strikes.

Sustainability Commitment:
By choosing our vegan leather watch straps, not only do you embrace a stylish and elegant accessory for your timepiece, but you also contribute positively towards a sustainable and compassionate shopping experience. Our bands proudly display our cruelty-free logo, a symbol of our unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing and eco-friendly practices.

Explore our extensive collection of vegan leather watch bands and elevate your watch game with a sustainable, stylish, and versatile accessory. Together, we can make a difference for the planet while celebrating our unique sense of style.

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We are proud to redefine what quality means by offering sustainable, ethical, and aesthetically appealing watch straps. Our passion lies in showcasing impeccable design and durability, all while being gentle to the planet and its inhabitants. Crafted from recycled plastics, our straps are not only robust and long-lasting, but they also embody an eco-conscious approach to fashion.

Compatibility Across Brands and Collections:

- Our 10mm straps are designed for the Amalfi watch collection, but they also complement other popular brands like Fossil and Gucci, or any watch requiring a 10mm strap.

- Our 16mm straps perfectly accentuate the Hurtig Lane Neliö collection and seamlessly fit other brands such as MVMT, Cluse, Adidas, Lacoste, and Armani.

- Our 18mm straps are designed for universal compatibility with any watch that fits an 18mm strap. Consult our measurement guide for more information.

- Our 20mm bands effortlessly pair with our Mykonos, Hymnal, and Lorelai watch collections. This versatile size is also suitable for numerous other brands like Diesel, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Aviator, and Nixon, among others.

Explore our diverse range of eco-friendly watch straps and enhance your collection with sustainable, cruelty-free style.

Absolutely! As long as we have the size that you need our watch straps will fit most watch styles. Please note that some watches are not compatible with easy release pins, if you are not sure please get in touch with our team at

Our vegan leather, suede and tweed straps all have easy release pins. These straps clip on and off without needing any tool at all. 

Amalfi watches strap size 10mm 

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Mykonos watches strap size 20mm

Hymnal watches strap size 20mm 

Moderno and Moderna strap size 20mm

The leather industry is highly profitable with cow skin being one of the most valuable parts of the animal.  This means that animals are being killed in the name of fashion.

A deeply disturbing PETA investigation revealed that leather used to make small items such as watch straps found that  an estimated 2 million cats and dogs are killed annually for their skins! 

Gone are the days when animal leather symbolised quality. Our vegan leather watch straps are beautifully crafted and designed to be long lasting. Our straps have been designed with durability in mind. Built to be long lasting, sustainable and cruelty free. Make the switch from animal leather to vegan leather today!

Our vegan watch straps will fit nearly all watch brands. The most popular brands that our watch straps fit are Citzen, Sekonda, Casio, Seiko, Seksy, Rotary, Bulova, Daniel Wellington, Cluse, Radley and Lorus. If you are not sure what size watch strap you need, send us an email to 

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