My Grandpa- The Inspiration behind our Bee Lovely Collection

Throughout my childhood, my weekends were frequently spent at my grandpa's comforting abode. Brimming with warmth, kindness, intelligence, and a keen sense of humor, he was the central figure in my most cherished memories, and he played an essential role in my formative years.

Growing up listening to the stories from his past, I learned about the various experiences that shaped his life. Having served in the Second World War, he witnessed the unspeakable horrors and adversities of the conflict. Following the war, he sought tranquility and solace in a passion for gardening. He took up a position as a talented gardener for the local university, meticulously maintaining its beautiful grounds.

Nurturing a vast array of flowers and plants, my grandpa found solace in the process of cultivating and caring for living things. His knowledge of flora was vast and impressive, as he could easily recall the Latin origin of all flowers, with pride even years after the war had ended.

Beyond his professional work, my grandpa was renowned for his compassion and empathy. Recognizing the struggles of a young man with learning disabilities who was finding it difficult to secure employment, he offered him an apprenticeship under his wing. With patience and guidance, this young man eventually became a skilled gardener in his own right. At my grandfather's funeral, he came to pay his respects and shared with us that he still worked at the university, continuing the gardening legacy.

As the seasons rolled by, my grandpa and I spent countless summer hours in his breathtaking garden, tending to the plants with equal parts enthusiasm and care. One of our favorite traditions was planting a sunflower each year and measuring its growth on a weekly basis. It was during these cherished moments that I came to understand the vital importance of bumblebees as pollinators in our ecosystem.

Under my grandpa's gentle guidance, I learned to appreciate and lovingly care for bees, conquering any fear I may have had of these small yet essential creatures. This bond we shared over bees and their conservation has always held a special place in my heart.

When my grandpa passed away shortly before my wedding in 2017, my spouse and I chose to honour his memory by gifting our guests sunflower seeds. This small gesture symbolised not only his love for gardening but also his unwavering devotion to supporting the dwindling bee population.

As I leafed through a journal he left for me earlier this year, I stumbled upon an entry from the summer of 1997. In it, my grandfather recalls teaching six-year-old me how to help a struggling bumblebee by providing a drop of sugar water. This simple act of kindness would give the bee the energy boost it needed to continue its vital work. To make this life-saving concoction, simply mix equal parts white sugar and water to provide the carbohydrates the bee requires for flight.

For more information on the conservation of these essential pollinators and how you can contribute to their protection, please visit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust website:


Drawing inspiration from the captivating elegance of the humble bumblebee, our Bee Lovely collection captures the stunning sparkle of these diminutive yet powerful insects. As they buzz about, they play a critical role in the flourishing of our natural world. With each purchase from our Bee Lovely Collection, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, ensuring their vital work continues.