This week we meet fashion blogger and PETA winner of best dressed Vegan! Read our interview here.

Tell us a bit about yourself? 

I am Sruti, the blogger and founder of Love And Blossoms. I was born in Delhi, India and moved to London when I was 13. I was a very creative child and I always knew I would do something different with my life. My passion for the world and the animals was evident from a really young age, and this inspired me to start my blog when I was older. I would always feed the stray dogs in India when I was a little child, and this is where my love for animals started. I believe in being true to myself and instead of following the crowd, I prefer to follow my heart and do the things that are connected to that part of me. I believe my blog really reflects this perfectly! 


What inspired you to become Vegan and how long have you been Vegan? 

I was vegetarian prior to turning vegan. This change happened in 2015, after I went to Australia for a holiday and ended up loving all the vegan cafes and restaurants there. This inspired me to start doing research about veganism and the effect it has on the animals and our planet. I watched a few videos about the leather, dairy and egg industries which broke my heart. This made me change the way I eat and it took just one look at the videos for me to change my diet. It’s the best decision I have ever made and I feel so healthy and vibrant; full of energy and vitality. 

We love your passion for cruelty free fashion, what are your favourite Vegan brands? 

I am so excited to be a blogger at a time where so many beautiful and innovative vegan brands have launched.

Some of favourites are : Jenah St, BeFlamboyant, Osier, Ellyla Accessories, Dauntless, Jann N June, Lana Organic, Ferron, Hexa Shoes, Hemptailor, Hurtig Lane, Votch; to name a few of my favourites! 


You founded Love & Blossoms, what is the story behind this venture? 

I am really proud of Love And Blossoms because the name really represents everything that is so deeply connected to me.

The name of my blog is something very personal to me. I believe ‘Love’ brings all things and people together and it is such a powerful force, when you do something with love it is always going to be something special.

The word ‘Blossoms’ defines how beautiful nature is because blossoms on trees are so gorgeous! I love flowers and the simplicity and uniqueness each one represents.” I wanted The name of my blog to represent what is in my heart.

The power of love and the beauty of nature. 

You always dress to impress, what is your favourite outfit? 

I love bright colours, so a pop of colour is always my favourite look. I feel like it really represents my personality and yellow is one of my favourite colours. My current favourite outfit is the Jann N June Coord in Mustard yellow I recently wore on my instagram. My favourite outfits do change from time to time, for an everyday look I really like to wear a classic black polo neck and High waisted sustainable denim. 


What is your go to Vegan lunch? 

I love anything organic and healthy. My absolute favourite place to eat healthy is Planet organic. I love their lunch box meals, where I can choose many different options such as; brown rice, detox greens, tofu stir fry, roasted potatoes and beetroot salad. I always have a green juice or beetroot juice  to go with my lunch. I love fresh and organic food that nourishes my body and my skin. 


Sruti's favourite outfit

Jann N June Coord in mustard yellow

And finally of course, what is your favourite Hurtig Lane watch and why?

I absolutely love how elegant and classic all the Hurtig Lane watches are. It’s really hard to pick one favourite, but I will choose the : Mykonos Vegan Leather All Rose/Cherry Red at the moment. I’m really into colours right now, and this cherry red is so gorgeous and makes a statement. I also love the classic tan, black and white watches. 

I really admire how this brand stands up for the animals and our planet. A simple choice in wearing a vegan watch can save animals all over the world, without compromising on style or quality. I love the colours options that Hurtig Lane offers, and there is something for everyone. Other brands should be inspired by everything that this brand creates in terms of design and quality. 





Sruti recently reviewed our Petite Vegan leather Amalfi watch in Rose Gold/Grey/White and our Natura Rose Gold bracelet. Read the blog here








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